Saturday, January 1, 2011

Less Anxiety in 21 Days

I had a weird experience a couple years ago. Out of the blue, I began suffering from panic attacks. I had never experienced anything like that in the past and it really threw me for a loop. For one thing, I had just finished my master's degree in clinical psychology and was in the process of counseling others regarding their anxiety. Therapists aren't supposed to have these problems, I thought! I had also gotten married that year and was happier and more content than ever. So what was up?!

I still don't know for sure what caused it but I have a theory... After reviewing some of my books about anxiety, I took a stress assessment which really resonated with me. My accumulated stress level was off the charts due to all the changes I had gone through in the previous six months. (The aforementioned among many others). I had been living my life at a speed of 100mph for a long time and hadn't stopped to actually deal with anything, let alone smell the roses. There are a variety of causes for anxiety and whether stress caused mine, or some other reason I am unaware of, I knew I needed to do something!

I decided to become a student of my own situation. I researched and discovered some helpful tools to calm my anxiety and regain control of my life.

We all suffer from anxiety to varying degrees. Some people have all-out panic attacks like I did. Some simply get nervous before speaking in public or in certain social situations. I have discovered that anxiety does not have to be a bad or scary thing. It can simply be our body's way of telling us something.

Now that I have gotten over my own bump in the road, I would like to help others in dealing with it as well. The next 21 days will be devoted to that.

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  1. Angela, I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life and have had many, many panic attacks. I am not in the peak of the trouble right now, but it is definitly still something that I need to get under control. I am excited to follow your blog and see what you have to say! Thanks for your insight!