Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 8 - I think therefore I am

Do you have any idea how big an impact our thoughts have on our bodies, behavior and emotions? A lot! Let me give you an example. Maybe you've done this... I haven't but I know people who have. (wink, wink).  :)

Let me set the stage... you wake up one day with a headache. It's not horrible but it's a definite annoyance all day. You don't think much of it. The next day you wake up and the headache's still there. "Hmm," you think, "Oh well. Maybe I'm a tad under the weather." This goes on for days. The headache gets worse. You feel tired. You begin stressing about this. "Why hasn't it gone away?" You go on the internet and look at one of the diagnosing-type websites and learn about all the possible causes for your headache. "Oh no" you think, "This could be serious". Anything from PMS to cancer! The thought is too much to bear! You notice your heart start racing. You cancel plans that night because you're just not up for it. You find yourself feeling emotional and stressed out.

Some circumstances warrant a great deal of concern. Illness can be serious sometimes. But I use that as an example to illustrate how things can snowball.

When was the last time you let your mind run away from you? I'll give you an example from my life. My husband and I moved about six months ago from Newport Beach, CA to Durham, NC. The two places couldn't be more different. I am not someone who enjoys change by nature. It tends to be hard for me. My dad told me that my first year of preschool I cried every day and begged him not to leave me. My second year, I was like "See ya dad, I've got friends to go play with!" (Not sure why I was in preschool for two years but anywho)... For as long as I can remember, I have been someone that takes a bit longer than the average Joe to adjust to new things. So needlessness to say, my impending move caused great stress and worry last year. What's funny though is that for all the time I spent worrying, this has ended up being one of the smoothest transitions I have ever dealt with. You just never know and worrying isn't going to do a thing but add gray hairs to your head!

Have you been stressing out and worrying about anything lately? Have you experienced any benefit from it? Have you noticed anything negative that's come out of it (physically, mentally, emotionally or behaviorally)?

Think about it!

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